5 Best Sony Headphones Under $200

Hello and welcome to our detailed guide to the top Sony headphones under $200! Finding the ideal set of headphones is crucial if you enjoy listening to music, gaming, or high-quality audio in general.

Sony, a well-known brand in the audio sector, has consistently produced excellent products that feature cutting-edge technology and outstanding sound quality.

This blog will examine the top five Sony headphones, all under $200, that offer the ideal compromise between cost and performance.

We have what you need, whether you want immersive sound for your gaming sessions, noise-cancelling for quiet travel, or just an improvement to your daily listening experience.

Let’s first discuss why picking the right headphones is important. Investing in a good set of headphones can significantly improve your ability to relax and even have an effect on how productive you are.

The right headphones can make a world of difference in everything from the clarity of in-game sounds to the crispness of your favorite songs.

Sony, why? Sony has built a solid reputation for creating high-quality audio products that feature innovation, fine craftsmanship, and outstanding sound. They are a well-liked option among audiophiles, casual listeners, and professionals due to their commitment to excellence.

Finding the perfect set of headphones can be challenging given the wide range of options on the market. We’ll go over the main factors you ought to take into account prior to buying something to help you make a decision.

We’ll examine the various Sony headphone models available and highlight key characteristics that ought to suit your preferences and requirements.

The perfect pair of Sony headphones that fit your budget and meet your expectations can be found if you have access to all the information you need to make an informed choice.

Join me as we explore the top five Sony headphones that offer exceptional performance without breaking the bank as we set out on this audio adventure. Prepare to take your audio enjoyment to new levels!

The Best Sony Headphones Under $200: A Buyer’s Guide

In This Topic we will Cover:-

II. Understanding the Criteria for Selection

When looking for the best Sony headphones under $200, it’s critical to take into account a number of important factors to ensure you find the perfect match for your needs and preferences.

Consider the following essential criteria for selecting the best pair of headphones to help you make an informed decision:

Audio Performance and Sound Quality

High-fidelity audio: Look for headphones with clear and crisp sound that is well-balanced in the bass, midrange, and treble frequencies.

Consider whether you prefer headphones that passively block out external noise or those with active noise-cancellation technology for a more immersive listening experience.

Design and comfort features

Ergonomics: To avoid fatigue during prolonged use, choose headphones with a comfortable and adjustable fit.

Cushioning and padding: Look for soft ear cushions and headbands that fit snugly without putting undue strain on your ears or head.

Consider foldable or compact designs for easy storage and travel if you intend to use your headphones on the go.

Options for Connectivity

Wired vs. Wireless: Consider whether you prefer wired headphones for consistent connectivity or wireless headphones for increased mobility and freedom of movement.

Bluetooth version: Check that wireless headphones support the most recent Bluetooth version for improved connection stability and energy efficiency.

Other features and functions include

Battery Life: If you choose wireless headphones, think about the battery life and charging time to make sure they will last through your daily use.

Built-in Microphone: Determine whether the headphones have a built-in microphone for hands-free calls and compatibility with voice assistants.

Controls and Buttons: Look for headphones with simple control buttons for adjusting volume, playing music, and managing calls.

III. Sony Headphones Buying Guide

When it comes to headphones, Sony offers a wide variety of choices that can be customized to suit a wide variety of personal preferences and practical applications.

In order to assist you in making an educated choice, I will go over the various models of Sony headphones that are currently on the market and highlight the most important aspects of a pair of headphones that you should take into consideration before making a purchase

A. Types of Sony Headphones Available

Over-ear Headphones:

These headphones, which are also referred to as circumaural headphones, have large ear cups that completely envelop your ears and are worn on top of them. They are typically designed to offer superior sound isolation in addition to their extended comfort design.

Audiophiles, gamers, and anyone else interested in immersive sound quality and noise isolation will find these headphones ideal.

On-ear headphones:

On-ear headphones are those that sit directly on top of your ears rather than encircling or covering them completely. In comparison to headphones that cover the entire ear, these are typically smaller and more portable.

Those who want to feel connected to their environment while maintaining a balance between portability and sound quality will find this product to be ideal.

Earbuds or other forms of in-ear headphones:

Earbuds are another name for in-ear headphones, which are similarly compact and are designed to be inserted directly into the ear canals. They are extremely portable and well suited for use on a daily basis.

Commuters, runners, and individuals who are looking for headphones that are compact and easy to travel with will find these headphones ideal.

B. Consider the following important aspects:

Technology for the Elimination of Noise

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC): ANC headphones use microphones to analyze and counteract external noise, resulting in a quieter listening environment. This technology is also known as “canalization.”

Some headphones provide noise isolation by forming a physical seal around your ears, which blocks out ambient noise in a passive manner. This method is referred to as “passive noise isolation.”

Lifespan of the Built-In Batteries and Available Charging Methods: Wireless headphones use their own built-in batteries.

Check the life of the battery to make sure it can handle the demands of your usage. Also, for added convenience, think about getting features like quick charging.

Bluetooth Compatibility It is important to check that your wireless headphones are compatible with the most recent version of Bluetooth to ensure optimal connectivity and save power.

Integrated Microphones for Phone Calls:

Choose headphones with a built-in microphone and call management features if you frequently make phone calls so that you can communicate without having to use your hands.

Personalization and Assistance with Apps:

Some of Sony’s headphones come bundled with companion apps that let you personalize your listening experience by adjusting sound profiles, levels of noise cancellation, and other settings.

Keep in mind that you should weigh the features that align with your particular needs, lifestyle, and financial constraints.

For instance, if you are an avid gamer, comfort and sound quality may be more important to you than noise cancellation and extended battery life. However, if you frequently travel, noise cancellation and long battery life may be more important to you.

You are well-equipped to investigate our top five recommendations now that you have a basic understanding of the various types of Sony headphones and the key features each offers.

Let’s get into the specifics of these remarkable Sony headphones that cost less than $200 each, shall we? Each product has its own set of benefits and is designed to cater to a particular set of preferences.

IV. 5 Sony Headphones Under $200

1. Sony WH-CH720N:

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Type: Over-ear Headphones

There is no need to look any further than the Sony WH-CH720N if you are in the market for a pair of over-ear headphones that are not only of high quality but also affordable.

These headphones have a price tag of less than $200 and offer a remarkable combination of exceptional sound quality, wireless convenience, and smart features.

As a result, they are an appealing choice for users who are interested in music as well as users who use headphones in their everyday lives. The Sony WH-CH720N promises to improve the quality of your listening experience without putting a strain on your wallet thanks to its noise-cancelling technology and its ergonomic design.

Let’s get into the specifics of these headphones that are loaded with features and find out why they are such a popular choice among audiophiles who are watching their spending.

Price is less than two hundred dollars (but may go up or down depending on sales and supply).

Check Price now 1 4

2. Sony WH-XB900N

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Type: Over-ear Headphones


The Sony WH-XB900N is a headphone that is aimed at people who are passionate about bass and appreciate deep and powerful audio.

These headphones from Sony feature active noise cancellation in addition to Sony’s Extra Bass technology, which results in an excellent balance between sound quality and noise reduction.

Hands-free music management and notification access are now possible thanks to built-in support for the Alexa and Google Assistant virtual assistants.

The headphones have a design that allows them to fold up for convenient portability and offer a comfortable fit overall.

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3. Sony WH-XB910N

61WFNqf8hVL. AC SL1500

With the brand-new Sony WH-XB910N headphones, you’ll be transported to a world where the bass is deep and powerful, and the sound is immersive. The WH-XB910N headphones take the audio experience to an entirely new level by providing the ideal balance of innovation, comfort, and style.

These headphones were built on the foundation of success laid by their predecessors. These over-ear headphones have been designed to provide an audio experience that is driven by bass like you’ve never heard it before.

They will make every beat, every note, and every melody resonate with a richness that will stir your soul.

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4. Sony WH-CH710N

51JnfYw9 tL. AC SL1200

Type: Over-ear Headphones

Description: The Sony WH-CH710N offers an appealing balance of performance and affordability. Digital noise-cancelling technology is built into these headphones to reduce background noise and deliver crystal-clear audio.

They are appropriate for daily use or travel because of their comfortable design and lengthy battery life. For added convenience, the headphones support hands-free calling and voice assistant commands.Price: Under $200 (subject to change based on promotions and availability)

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5. Sony WF-SP800N

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Type: In-ear Headphones (True Wireless Earbuds)

Description: The Sony WF-SP800N is a fantastic option for outdoor activities and fitness enthusiasts. Due to their IP55 water and dust resistance, these true wireless earbuds are ideal for exercise and outdoor activities.

For a captivating audio experience, they provide strong bass and digital noise-cancellation. With touch controls and a Quick Attention mode, the WF-SP800N makes it simple to interact with your environment.

Price: less than $200 (subject to change based on specials and inventory)

Check Price now 1 2

V. Comparison and Analysis

After looking at the top five Sony headphones that cost less than $200, let’s compare and contrast their most important features as well as their overall performance so that you can make an educated choice:

1. Sony WH-CH720N

Type: Over-ear Headphones

  • Noise-Cancellation: Digital noise-cancellation for reduced ambient noise.
  • Sound Quality: Clear audio with emphasis on midrange frequencies.
  • Battery Life: Up to 35 hours of continuous playback with noise-cancellation.
  • Quick Charging: 10 minutes of charging provides 60 minutes of playback.
  • Comfortable Design: Padded ear cups and adjustable headband for extended wear.

2. Sony WH-XB900N:

Type: Over-ear Headphones

  • Active Noise-Cancellation: Effective noise-cancellation with a focus on delivering powerful bass (Extra Bass technology).
  • Sound Quality: Rich bass response and overall balanced sound.
  • Comfort: Comfortable fit for extended use with swiveling ear cups.
  • Battery Life: Up to 30 hours of playback with noise-cancellation.
  • Additional Features: Built-in Alexa and Google Assistant support, touch controls, and foldable design.

3. Sony WH-XB910N

Type: Over-Ear

  • Extra Bass Technology: Enhanced bass response for a powerful and punchy low-end audio experience.
  • Digital Noise Cancellation: Active noise-cancellation technology to reduce ambient sounds and distractions.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Wireless connection to smartphones, tablets, and other devices via Bluetooth.
  • Built-in Microphone: Integrated microphone for hands-free calling and voice assistant support (Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa).
  • Long Battery Life: Up to 30 hours of battery life with noise-cancellation enabled, ensuring extended playback time.

4. Sony WH-CH710N:

Type: Over-ear Headphones

  • Active Noise-Cancellation: Digital noise-cancellation for reducing ambient sounds.
  • Sound Quality: Good audio performance with a focus on clarity.
  • Comfort: Lightweight and adjustable headband design for comfortable use.
  • Battery Life: Up to 35 hours of continuous playback with noise-cancellation.
  • Additional Features: Built-in microphone for hands-free calling and voice assistant support.

5. Sony WF-SP800N:

Type: In-ear Headphones (True Wireless Earbuds)

  • Active Noise-Cancellation: Digital noise-cancellation for an immersive experience.
  • Sound Quality: Strong bass performance with focus on sports and active use.
  • Comfort: Secure fit with ear fins for stability during workouts.
  • Battery Life: Up to 9 hours on a single charge, and an additional 9 hours with the charging case.
  • Additional Features: Touch controls, quick attention mode, and IP55 water and dust resistance.


Ultimately, your decision should be based on your specific needs and preferences, considering factors such as sound quality, noise-cancellation capability, comfort, battery life, and additional features.

Each of these Sony headphones offers unique benefits, ensuring an enhanced audio experience without exceeding your $200 budget.

VI. Conclusion

Finding the best Sony headphones for less than $200 can, in conclusion, significantly improve your listening experience without significantly increasing your expenditures.

Sony is a well-respected brand in the audio industry and offers a wide variety of headphones to meet the needs of consumers with a variety of tastes and ways of life.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are the best Sony headphones under $200?

A: The best Sony headphones under $200 include the Sony WH-1000XM4, Sony WH-XB900N, Sony WF-1000XM4, Sony WH-CH710N, and Sony WF-SP800N. Each of these headphones offers unique features and benefits, catering to different preferences and use cases.

Q: Are Sony headphones good for gaming?

A: Yes, many Sony headphones, especially those with over-ear designs and advanced sound technologies like the Sony WH-1000XM4, are excellent for gaming. They provide immersive sound quality and noise-cancellation, making gaming experiences more enjoyable.

Q: Do Sony headphones support Bluetooth connectivity?

A: Yes, the majority of Sony headphones, especially wireless models, support Bluetooth connectivity. This enables easy pairing with smartphones, tablets, computers, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Q: Can I use Sony headphones for making calls?

A: Yes, many Sony headphones come equipped with built-in microphones, allowing you to make hands-free calls. Some models also support voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant, making call management more convenient.

5 Best Sony Headphones Under 200