Best Wireless Headphones for Travel

Traveling has become an essential part of our lives in today’s fast-paced and interconnected world. We are constantly on the move, whether for business or pleasure, exploring new places, meeting new people, and creating unforgettable memories.

In this hectic travel lifestyle, having the right gear can mean the difference between a smooth and enjoyable journey.

Wireless headphones are one piece of travel gear that has transformed the way we listen to music on the go. Gone are the days of tangled wires and restricted mobility.

With technological advancements, wireless headphones have become a must-have companion for travelers, providing freedom of movement as well as excellent audio quality.

We will delve into the world of wireless headphones for travel in this comprehensive guide.

We’ll go over the key factors to consider when selecting the best pair for your adventures, from noise cancellation to battery life and comfort.

In addition, we will present the top five best wireless headphones in 2023, which have been carefully chosen based on performance, user reviews, and overall value.

Furthermore, we understand that travel can be expensive at times, and not everyone has a large budget for high-end headphones. Not to worry, we’ll also go over some fantastic low-cost options that don’t skimp on quality.

Along the way, we’ll share expert advice on how to get the most out of your wireless headphones while traveling, from packing and cleaning to ensuring compatibility with various devices and in-flight entertainment systems.

So, if you’re ready to elevate your travel experiences with the perfect soundtrack and enjoy peace and tranquility in the midst of the world’s chaos, let’s dive into the world of the best wireless headphones for travel! Your quest for the perfect match begins here.

Wireless Headphones: The Ultimate Guide to Stress-Free Travel

In this topic we will cover:-

1. Key Considerations when Choosing Wireless Headphones for Travel

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Choosing the best wireless headphones for travel involves making a few important decisions that can significantly affect how your audio experience while traveling. The following are the main factors to remember to make the best choice possible:

A. Noise canceling and ambient sound mode:

Look for headphones with active noise cancellation (ANC) technology to block out background noises like airplane engines, traffic, or busy environments. With the help of ANC, you can listen to music or podcasts without being interrupted.

Ambient Sound Mode: On the other hand, some headphones have an ambient sound mode that enables you to hear the sounds around you without taking off the headphones. This function is helpful for keeping track of significant discussions or announcements while on the go.

B. Alternatives for Charging and Battery Life:

Long Battery Life: To avoid having to charge your wireless headphones frequently while traveling, choose models with a long battery life. On a single charge, look for models that can play for at least 20 hours.

Fast Charging: Some headphones have a fast charging feature that enables them to playback for several hours after only a brief charging period. This feature is helpful for layovers or quick breaks.

Look for headphones that support USB-C or wireless charging as these are more practical and generally compatible with contemporary devices.

C. Portability and convenience:

Ergonomic Design: To ensure that headphones fit securely without becoming uncomfortable over time, look for models that are cozy, light, and adjustable.

Foldable or collapsible headphones are frequently designed with travel in mind, making it simple to store them in a backpack or carry-on.

D. Audio Quality and Performance:

Choose headphones with high-quality audio drivers to get clear, well-balanced sound across a variety of frequencies, including deep bass and sharp highs.

Bluetooth Codecs: When used with compatible devices, advanced Bluetooth codecs like aptX, AAC, or LDAC support can enhance audio quality and cut down on latency.

Low Latency: To prevent audio sync problems, low latency headphones are advised for video streaming and gaming.

E. Connectivity and Compatibility:

Bluetooth Version: Make sure the headphones are running the most recent Bluetooth version, such as Bluetooth 5.0 or higher, to guarantee improved connectivity and energy efficiency.

Multi-Device Pairing: To make switching between multiple paired devices, such as your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, easier while traveling, look for headphones with this feature.

2. Best Wireless Headphones for Travel in 2023

The market is still changing as of 2023, and new wireless headphone models are frequently released.

Here are five of the best wireless headphones for traveling that have consistently garnered praise for their functionality, features, and user satisfaction, even though specific models may change over time:

1. Sony WH-1000XM4

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It’s easy to see why the Sony WH-1000XM4 wireless headphones have quickly become the traveler’s best friend. Because of their impressive noise-cancelling technology, long battery life, and premium audio quality, these headphones provide an unrivaled audio experience on any journey.

One of the WH-1000XM4’s most notable features is its excellent noise cancellation.

Whether you’re navigating a busy airport, suffering through a noisy flight, or simply seeking solitude in a crowded train station, the adaptive noise control adapts to your surroundings.

As a result, you can completely immerse yourself in your favorite music, podcasts, or movies.

In terms of battery life, the WH-1000XM4 delivers. Thanks to the up to 30 hours of playback on a single charge, you can watch hours of nonstop entertainment while traveling for an extended period of time or on long flights.

Even if you’re pressed for time, a quick charge takes only 10 minutes and adds 5 hours of playtime, making it ideal for short layovers or commutes.

In addition to its useful features, the Sony WH-1000XM4 provides an audio experience that will elevate your travels.

Thanks to the robust 40mm drivers’ crisp highs, rich mids, and deep, resonating bass, you won’t miss a single note in your favorite songs. It has unrivaled sound quality and supports a variety of Bluetooth codecs and high-resolution audio.


  • Up to 30 hours of battery life with fast charging (5 hours playback with a 10-minute charge).
  • Comfortable and ergonomic design for extended wear during long flights or commutes.
  • High-resolution audio quality and support for various Bluetooth codecs.
  • Touch controls and voice assistant integration for easy navigation and hands-free operation.


  • Outstanding active noise cancellation (ANC) technology for immersive audio experience.
  • Adaptive Sound Control adjusts noise cancellation based on the environment.
  • Excellent sound quality with clear vocals and deep bass.
  • Long battery life of up to 30 hours with fast charging (5 hours playback with 10 minutes charge).
  • Comfortable and ergonomic design for extended wear.
  • Touch controls for easy navigation and quick access to features.
  • Voice assistant integration for hands-free operation.
  • Multipoint Bluetooth pairing for seamless switching between devices.
  • High-resolution audio support for better sound reproduction.
  • Durable build quality and foldable design for portability and storage.


  • High price point compared to some competitors.
  • Bulky design might not be suitable for some users during workouts or sports.
  • Limited water and sweat resistance, not ideal for intense physical activities.
  • No official IP rating for water and dust resistance.
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2. Bose QuietComfort 35 II:

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After putting the Bose QuietComfort 35 II through its paces on a few recent trips, I can confidently say it lives up to the hype as one of the best travel headphones on the market.

These wireless headphones were designed with the discerning traveler in mind, seamlessly combining cutting-edge technology, unparalleled comfort, and exceptional noise-cancelling abilities to produce an unrivaled auditory experience.

The outstanding noise cancellation of the QuietComfort 35 II is its most notable feature. Despite noisy airports and airplane engine hum, these headphones provide unparalleled peace and quiet.

Because active noise cancellation effectively cancels out background noise, you can fully immerse yourself in your music, audiobooks, or podcasts.

Furthermore, the inclusion of a “Action” button that allows you to instantly change the noise cancellation level is a nice touch that ensures you are always aware of your surroundings.

Long flights necessitate a high level of comfort, which the QuietComfort 35 II provides. The plush ear cushions and lightweight design allow for a comfortable listening experience.

The tight seal that the headphones form over the ears aids passive noise isolation.

Battery life is not an issue with the QuietComfort 35 II. Even the longest journeys were easily completed with the impressive 20 hours of playback on a single charge, and the quick charge feature was very useful for on-the-go top-ups.

On the audio front, Bose is well-known for its renowned sound quality. Your favorite songs will sound even better with the headphones’ clear and well-balanced audio across a wide range of genres.

Most users will be pleased with the overall sound performance, though audiophiles may prefer a little more emphasis on the bass.

The voice assistant integration built into the headphones allows for hands-free command execution while moving. Because Bluetooth devices can be switched between and seamlessly paired, they are ideal for travelers with multiple devices.


  • Up to 20 hours of battery life with quick charging support.
  • Lightweight and foldable design for easy portability.
  • Balanced audio performance with clear vocals and deep bass.
  • Hassle-free Bluetooth pairing and voice assistance integration.


  • Excellent Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology for a serene listening experience.
  • Comfortable and lightweight design, perfect for long hours of use during travel.
  • Impressive battery life, providing up to 20 hours of playback with ANC activated.
  • High-quality audio performance with balanced sound, clear vocals, and deep bass.
  • Hassle-free Bluetooth pairing with NFC technology.
  • Built-in dual-microphone system for clear calls and improved voice assistant accuracy.


  • High-end pricing compared to some other wireless headphone models.
  • The design may feel slightly dated compared to newer headphone offerings.
  • Lack of support for advanced Bluetooth codecs like aptX or LDAC.
  • No dedicated ambient sound mode for hearing surroundings without removing the headphones.
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3. Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless

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You have always wanted to discover the ideal set of wireless headphones to elevate your journeys as a frequent traveler.

Enter the Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless, a true gem that masterfully combines superb audio performance, unmatched comfort, and unmatched noise cancellation to make it the perfect travel companion.

The active noise cancellation on the Momentum 3 is simply outstanding, removing you from the commotion of busy streets and airports.

You can easily switch between being completely immersed in my favorite music or podcasts and being aware of significant announcements in your immediate vicinity.

With a battery life of up to 17 hours when noise cancellation is enabled, these headphones have established themselves as dependable travel companions.

While traveling, you never have to be without entertainment thanks to fast USB-C charging.

The Momentum 3 stands out for its opulent and durable design, which is created from high-end materials that exude elegance and sturdiness. Your ears are comfortably supported by the memory foam earpads, which let you listen for hours without feeling tired.

When it comes to audio quality, the Momentum 3 truly excels. Your music and movies come to life while you are traveling thanks to the robust 42mm drivers’ high-fidelity audio with clear highs, rich mids, and punchy bass.

You  can easily control my audio and pause playback by taking off my headphones thanks to the highly intuitive customizable touch controls and smart pause feature. This is a small but welcome convenience for when you need to speak with other passengers or quickly respond to a request.

The Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless is a worthwhile purchase for both frequent travelers and audiophiles despite being a little more expensive. Your travel experiences have changed thanks to its outstanding noise cancellation, long battery life, and unmatched audio quality, turning routine commutes into exciting adventures.


  • Active noise cancellation and Transparent Hearing mode for situational awareness.
  • 17 hours of battery life with fast USB-C charging.
  • Luxurious and durable design with premium materials.
  • High-fidelity sound signature with deep bass and detailed trebles.
  • Customizable touch controls and smart pause feature.


  • Excellent sound quality with rich and detailed audio performance.
  • Active noise cancellation (ANC) with Transparent Hearing mode for situational awareness.
  • Long-lasting battery life, up to 17 hours with ANC on.
  • Comfortable ear cups and headband for extended wear.
  • Intuitive touch controls for easy navigation.
  • Customizable EQ and sound settings via the Sennheiser Smart Control app.
  • Reliable Bluetooth connectivity with support for high-quality audio codecs.


  • Higher price point compared to some competitors in the market.
  • Heavier and bulkier design compared to some other travel-friendly headphones.
  • Limited color options available, which may not suit everyone’s style preference.
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4. Jabra Elite 85h:

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The Jabra Elite 85h wireless headphones have earned a reputation as one of the best travel options,

These headphones achieve the ideal balance of cutting-edge technology, supreme comfort, and exceptional audio performance, making them an ideal travel companion for any globetrotter.

First and foremost, the Jabra Elite 85h’s active noise cancellation (ANC) is outstanding. As you board a crowded flight, the outside noise will fade into oblivion, allowing you  to completely immerse yourself in your favorite tunes and podcasts.

The SmartSound technology automatically adjusts the noise cancellation based on the surroundings, ensuring that you experienced optimal sound quality in any situation.

The impressive battery life is one of the standout features. With up to 36 hours of playback time with ANC turned on, you need not to worry about running out of battery power on long flights or train rides.

Furthermore, the quick charge feature provided a generous 5 hours of listening time with only a 15-minute charge – a true lifesaver during layovers or hectic schedules.


  • Smart Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) with HearThrough technology.
  • Impressive battery life of up to 36 hours with ANC on.
  • Robust and rain-resistant construction for durability.
  • Crystal-clear call quality with multiple microphones for noise reduction.
  • One-touch access to voice assistants and intuitive controls.


  • Excellent active noise cancellation (ANC) for a peaceful listening experience.
  • Long battery life, up to 36 hours with ANC off.
  • SmartSound technology automatically adapts to the surroundings.
  • High-quality sound with powerful bass and clear mids and highs.
  • Hassle-free Bluetooth pairing and multi-device connectivity.
  • Durable and water-resistant construction (IP52-rated).
  • Crystal-clear call quality with multiple microphones.


  • Relatively expensive compared to some other wireless headphones.
  • The design may feel bulky for some users.
  • ANC could be more effective in blocking out higher-frequency noises.
  • No support for advanced Bluetooth codecs like aptX or LDAC.
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3. Budget-Friendly Options for Travelers

Travelers on a tight budget can still reap the benefits of wireless headphones without going broke. Here are two excellent low-cost options that provide excellent value:

1. Anker Soundcore Life Q20

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Taking a trip, whether it’s an exotic vacation or a business trip, opens up new opportunities and experiences. Nothing beats having the perfect soundtrack to accompany you on your journey in the midst of the excitement of travel.

Meet the Anker Soundcore Life Q20, your ideal travel companion for a symphony of melodies and peace. These wireless headphones are designed to take your travel adventures to the next level with their exceptional noise-cancellation, impressive battery life, and portability.

Prepare to be immersed in a world of blissful soundscapes as we reveal the Anker Soundcore Life Q20 and explain why it’s a must-have for any wanderlust-filled traveler.


  • Hybrid active noise cancellation for a distraction-free experience on a budget.
  • Up to 40 hours of playtime with noise cancellation deactivated and 60 hours in standard mode.
  • Memory foam ear cups for comfortable wear during extended journeys.
  • Hi-Res Audio certification for clear and detailed sound.
  • Foldable design and carrying case for easy storage and portability.


  • Hybrid active noise cancellation offers decent noise reduction at an affordable price.
  • Impressive battery life with up to 40 hours of playback without noise cancellation and 60 hours in standard mode.
  • Comfortable memory foam ear cups suitable for extended wear during long journeys.
  • Hi-Res Audio certification ensures clear and detailed sound quality.
  • Foldable design and carrying case enhance portability and convenience during travel.


  • Noise cancellation performance may not be as advanced as high-end models.
  • Audio quality might not match the premium sound signature of more expensive headphones.
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81G9PXF96lL. AC SL1500

Are you a jetsetter, an explorer, or someone who travels the world in search of adventure? If so, you are aware that every journey requires the ideal soundtrack—a melody that captures the essence of each location and elevates ordinary situations into extraordinary ones.

Introducing the PHILIPS PH805, a wireless headphone that has been painstakingly designed to be your ideal travel companion and take your journeys to a whole new level of enchantment.

Discover how the PHILIPS PH805 skillfully combines unmatched sound quality, cutting-edge noise-cancelling technology, and all-day comfort – all the necessary components to make your travels truly limitless – as we set out on a melodic expedition.

Join us on this audio adventure as we explore the PHILIPS PH805 and learn how to soar through the air with symphonies in your heart.


  • Active noise cancellation (ANC) for a more peaceful travel experience.
  • Lightweight and foldable design for easy portability and storage.
  • Long battery life, up to 30 hours with ANC off and 25 hours with ANC on.
  • Comfortable memory foam ear cups for extended wear during long journeys.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 for stable and reliable wireless connectivity.
  • Hi-Res Audio support for high-quality sound reproduction.
  • Quick charge feature provides 2 hours of playback with just 5 minutes of charging.
  • Comes with a hard carrying case for protection during travel.


  • Noise cancellation performance may not be as robust as high-end models.
  • Some users may find the fit slightly tight for extended wear.
  • Limited color options compared to other headphone models.
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Both the Anker Soundcore Life Q20 and PHILIPS PH805 offer excellent noise cancellation capabilities, ensuring you can tune out the noise and focus on your music or podcasts during your journeys.

 Despite their affordability, these headphones provide impressive battery life and deliver satisfactory audio quality.

Consider features like comfort, durability, and extras that suit your travel requirements as you look into inexpensive options.

Remember that even though these headphones might not have all the high-end features of more expensive models, they are still solid options for travelers on a tight budget.

Before making a choice, always read user reviews to get a sense of the performance and durability in the real world.

4. Tips for Maximizing the Use of Wireless Headphones during Travel

Screenshot 12 1

The use of wireless headphones can significantly improve your travel experience by offering distraction from outside noise, relaxation, and entertainment. Take into account the following advice to get the most out of your wireless headphones while traveling:

Proper Storage and Packing:

To prevent damage to your headphones while traveling, make an investment in a sturdy carrying case.

Before leaving, make sure the headphones are fully charged, and bring a portable power bank for charging while on the go.

Various Travel Situations and Noise Cancellation:

To enjoy your music or movies uninterrupted, turn on noise cancellation in noisy areas like airports, trains, planes, or crowded streets.

When situational awareness is necessary, such as when crossing streets or listening to in-flight announcements, use ambient sound mode or turn off noise cancellation.

Guidelines for Extending Battery Life:

  • When not in use, disable power-hungry features like noise cancellation to save battery.
  • When not in use, turn off Bluetooth to avoid unnecessary power consumption.
  • As higher volumes can cause the battery to drain more quickly, adjust the volume to moderate levels.

Ensure In-Flight Entertainment Systems Compatibility:

If the in-flight entertainment system does not support Bluetooth, bring a wired audio cable and an airplane headphone adapter to connect your wireless headphones to the system.

Maintenance and Cleaning

  • Use a soft, dry cloth to regularly clean the earpads and headphones to get rid of oils and dirt.
  • Keep your headphones away from high or low temperatures and moisture.
  • If necessary, clean any water-resistant headphones with a slightly damp cloth.

Take an audio splitter with you:

A headphone splitter enables you and a friend or family member to simultaneously listen to the same audio source when you’re traveling together.

Offline content download

Download your preferred music, podcasts, or movies to your device before your trip so you won’t have to rely solely on streaming services that might need an internet connection.

Keep an eye on the volume levels:

Long-term exposure to audio at excessively loud volumes can damage your hearing. Maintain a safe and comfortable volume level.

Additional headphones:

If you want a backup in case your wireless headphones run out of battery or have technical difficulties, think about carrying a small pair of wired earbuds.


In conclusion, finding the best wireless headphones for travel can significantly elevate your journeys, providing you with immersive audio experiences and a sense of peace amidst the chaos of travel. Whether you’re on a long-haul flight, exploring a new city, or commuting to work, the right pair of wireless headphones can be your gateway to entertainment, relaxation, and focus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use wireless headphones on a plane?

Yes, you can use wireless headphones on a plane, but some airlines may have restrictions on Bluetooth usage during certain phases of the flight, such as takeoff and landing. In such cases, you can switch to the wired mode using an audio cable to connect to the in-flight entertainment system.

What is the difference between noise-canceling and noise-isolating headphones?

Noise-canceling headphones use advanced technology to actively cancel out external sounds, such as engine noise or chatter. On the other hand, noise-isolating headphones create a physical barrier between your ears and the outside environment, reducing external noise passively.

How do I connect my wireless headphones to different devices?

To connect your wireless headphones to different devices, first, make sure the headphones are in pairing mode. Then, go to the Bluetooth settings on your device, find the headphones in the list of available devices, and select them to establish a connection.

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