Best Wireless Headphones For Watching Tv and Gaming 

A television is an electronic system that sends temporary pictures of stationary or moving objects, as well as sound, across wires or over space. This is done using hardware that transforms light and sound into electrical waves, which are subsequently converted back into visible light beams and audible sound.

Gaming refers to the act of playing electronic games, whether on a console, a computer, a mobile phone, or another medium entirely.

If you live with roommates or partners who have different work schedules, it can be challenging to find time to watch TV shows or play video games. This can be very disruptive for them.

While watching your favorite TV show, movie or playing games, finding the volume factor that immerses your media without interrupting other people becomes a problem.

To address these issues, When you want to enjoy movies, TV shows, or games without bothering people around you, headphones may be a terrific addition.

Unlike most headphones designed for casual use, specialized TV headphones typically have audio settings such as surround sound and bass control to help you get the most out of your program.

Tv headphones make use of specific connectors and transmitters to achieve minimal latency and prevent annoyance from lips.-issues with synchronization

When it comes to selecting the most suitable TV headphones, there are numerous factors to consider. Listed below are 6 headphones reviewed by the editor, their pro and cons product features

6 Best Wireless Headphones For Watching Tv and Gaming in 2022

Headphones ModelFeaturesBattery LifeConnectivityRatting
1. Sennheiser RS 195 RFOver Ear19 HoursWireless9/10
2. Sennnheiser RS 175 RFOver Ear24 HoursWireless9/10
3. Jabra Elite 85 HOver Ear30 HoursWireless8/10
4. Plantronics-Backbeat-Pro-2Over Ear24 HoursWireless8/10
5. Sony WH1000XM4Over Ear30 HoursWireless8/10
6. Astro A50S HeadphonesOver Ear17 Hourswireless8/10

1. Sennheiser RS 195 RF – Best Overall over the Ear

Sennheiser RS 195 RF

The sennheiser RS 195 are the best classic example of a television friendly pair of wireless headphones; they feature a closed-back design that helps cut out ambient noise and keeps most of the sound within the ear cup.

Using a radio frequency connection over the 2.42.48GHz wireless sightline, the receiver connects to the TV and sends audio to the headphones to provide a true wireless headphone experience.

The receiver is also used as a memory base where you can adjust the balance and various sound profiles.

The sound profile may be saved by the user, so you can present the appropriate style of sound. These headphones are suitable for the whole family of different tastes, as the presets can be recalled whenever needed.

When it comes to sound quality, the headphones model is designed to optimize your listening experience by offering immersive sound. This is done with an equalizer preset including a selectable hearing boost with a noise suppression mode so the dialogue can be more clear.

Product features

  •  Brand sennheiser consumer Audio
  • Ear placement Over Ear
  • Connectivity Wireless
  • Model Name RS 195


  • Clear, powerful sound
  • Sound profiles can be customized
  • RF wireless connection that is stable


  • The design is bulky
  • Removable rechargeable batteries are cumbersome
  • A little expensive

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2. Sennnheiser RS 175 RF – Budget Pick

Sennnheiser RS 175 RF

The Sennheiser RS 175 are specifically designed for televisions and gaming. They have a specialized receiver dock that plugs directly into televisions and allows you to use them wirelessly with low audio latency.

They are well-built and comfortable enough to allow you to watch a couple of episodes for an extended period of time.

Two AAA rechargeable batteries power the headphones, which may be recharged on the transmitter itself. The transmitter can deliver audio to two Sennheiser SR 175 FS headsets, providing virtual surround and dynamic bass enhancement.

The headphones offer an effective control system positioned on the ear-cups, so you don’t have to get up from your sofa to alter the volume or activate features such as enhanced bass or surround sound. The continuous battery life of these devices is roughly 24 hours.

Unfortunately, their build quality is just passable because the plastic materials utilized in their design seem low-grade and a touch cheap.

They’re also prone to audio delivery irregularities, and if you wear glasses or have thick hair, you could notice a loss in bass.

They are, however, particularly built for viewing TV since they give a low-latency experience and can be quickly adjusted on the go.

Product features

  • Brand sennheiser consumer Audio
  • Ear placement Over Ear
  • Connectivity Wireless
  • Model Name RS 175


  • Low latency connection
  • Decent sound quality


  • Poor isolation and high leakage
  • Limited range and usability

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3. Jabra Elite 85 H

Jabra Elite 85 H

The Jabra Elite 85 H comes with a sophisticated active cancellation (ANC) system that answers to your surroundings, turning on if it detects unpleasant background noise based on the presences you specify in the Jabra+app.

The headphones have eight microphones, four of which are utilized by the powerful digital AMC to filter out background noise; the headset lets you tailor your music settings for a personalized audio experience, allowing you to enjoy enhanced music clarity.

The elite 85h Bluetooth headphones have established a reputation as a really superior audio offering, particularly for viewing TV, gaming, and leisure.

With the smart sound active noise cancellation technology which isolates background noise, it makes for an ideal listening experience whether gaming or watching your favorite TV shows.

The wireless headphones are great, no cable in your way, or get tangled in your bag. The Jabra Elite 85h headphones give you up to 36 hours from a full charge, low time just 15 minutes of charge giving you 5 hours of battery life

Product features

  • Brand Jabra
  • Ear placement Over Ear
  •  Connectivity Wireless
  • Model Name Elite 85H


  • Excellent Noise canceling
  • 30 hours of battery life with noise canceling on
  • Sleek design and build
  • Automatically pause when you take them off


  • Smart sound features suffers too many false positives in a noisy city

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4. Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2

Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2

If you’re looking for wireless headphones designed for TV and gaming, look no further than the platronics backbeat pro 2. Most televisions do not have Bluetooth functionality; however, the headphones come with a radio frequency unit that connects via a docked receiver.

However, many individuals nowadays watch TV and movies on tablets, computers, and phones. Bluetooth-enabled headphones are an excellent choice for watching TV.

Even when linked through Bluetooth, the headphones may be used both inside and outdoors and have a very low latency of just 35ms.

One may transition from listening to music on a smartphone to viewing movies on a Bluetooth-enabled home theater system or laptop without missing a beat in the connection handoff.

With the noise cancellation features that come with the headphones for complete immersion, you can completely immerse yourself in a movie, game, or TV show without being bothered by outside noise.

The Backbeat Pro 2’s wireless connectivity is very impressive, having a Bluetooth range of up to 100 feet. The backbeats headphones have a 24-hour battery life and are excellent for watching movies playing games on the move during your commute.

Although audiophiles may be disappointed with its audio quality, it is adequate for everyone else who does not know the difference. The headphones are lightweight and easy to wear for extended periods of time.

Product features

  • Brand Platonics +polycom
  • Ear placement Over Ear
  • Connectivity Wireless
  • Model Name Platonics


  • Fairly smooth sound
  •  Enjoyably large soundstage
  • Good battery life
  • Feature packed


  • Only moderately effective noise cancellation
  • Soft slow and overblown low frequencies

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5. Sony WH1000XM4

Sony WH1000XM4

The Sony WH1000XM4 is another excellent pair of headphones that are designed specifically for smart TVs and include built-in Bluetooth.

There is no need to buy a transmitter because they link to the TV through bluetooth. Edge AI, an artificial intelligence (AI) system, was developed in collaboration between Sony and Sony Music Studio Tokyo.

Edge is designed to reconstruct audio compression to give a more realistic sound.
The system recognizes elements in music, such as instruments and genre, and analyzes it in real time to provide a richer and fuller sound, restoring it to a high-fidelity level.

When you receive a call, the headphones recognize that you are talking and automatically switch to their ambient sound mode. This is a really cool party trick that we found to be quite effective.

Furthermore, the headphones include a built-in microphone that allows you to easily perform daily tasks using Alexa voice control.

The touch sensors on the headset allow you to activate voice assistance, answer phone calls, control volume, pause, play, and skip tracks.

You can activate quick attention mode by placing your right hand over the ear cup if you don’t need to speak but only need to listen. The volume of the headphone will automatically be reduced to allow for more ambient noise.

The headphones have a battery life of up to 30 hours on a single charge. This gives you ample time to watch your favorite TV show or play some video games.

Product features

  • Brand sony
  • Ear placement over ear
  • Connectivity wireless
  • Model Name WH1000XM4/B


  • Provide the best sony noise canceling capabilities
  • Voice quality improved
  • Bluetooth connection can support two device simultaneous


  • USB-C port cannot be used for audio

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6. Astro A50S Headphones

Astro A50S Headphones

The Astro A50S headphones are crafted specifically for gaming, but they are flexible enough to be used for watching movies and TV shows

When not in use, the headphones have a trustworthy base station for connecting to your TV or music system, as well as wireless charging.

The wireless headphones are connected to the base station and charging cradle through a USB connection to connect to the console or PC.

The base station talks with the headset via 2.4GHZ RF transmission that is lag-free and excellent for gaming and watching TV.

The Astro A50 wireless has a steady connection range of up to 30 feet, which seems quite accurate.

The headphones offer a convenient “lift-to-wake” function that turns them on and syncs them as soon as you raise them up to position them over your ears.

The headphones’ ear cushions are made with a technology that suits your comfort and improves noise isolation, as well as an in-built mix amp to make your sound great exactly how you like it.

The headphones work with PCs, Macs, Xbox Ones, and PS4s, as well as standard audio receivers and modern televisions.

Product features

  • Brand ASTRO
  • Ear placement Over Ear
  • Connectivity Wireless
  • Model Name A50S


  • Sound quality
  • comfortable
  • Battery life
  • Virtual assistant access


  • No cable management
  • Poor isolation
  • What to look for in wireless TV Headphones before purchasing

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TV connectivity is available in two flavors: Bluetooth and RF-style wireless. Most Tvs are not Bluetooth enabled and won’t work well unless there is a Bluetooth receiver connected. RF-style units, on the other hand, rely on a receiver to transmit audio.

Sound Quality

When it comes to purchasing headphones for console gaming low-latency RF connectivity and full base response, sound quality is critical. For TV viewing, a simpler sound profile with some latency is acceptable.


When it comes to price one should consider a budget friendly headphones that have the features he/she wants

Final Verdict

There is no perfect headphones for TVs or gaming this depends on personal taste, media content, and home environment matters a lot when selecting headphones for TV or gaming.

Look for friend pocket headphones and one that gives you the features you are looking for hopping that the above editor’s choice will assist you get the best.

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Can I watch TV while using a gaming headset?

Simply insert your wired headphones into the 3.5mm headphone port on your TV. If your television does not have a 3.5mm connector but does have RCA stereo outputs, you can utilize your headphones using an RCA-to-3.5mm adaptor.

Are gaming headphones good for watching movies?

Some gaming headphones are good for watching movies, they can deliver immersive and rich audio and enable you to watch movies for hours without disturbing anyone like the razer Nari ultimate wireless

Are Bluetooth headphones good for watching TV?

With a Bluetooth receiver connected Bluetooth headphone will work well with tv’s unlike when there are not connected with the receiver

Are wireless headphones OK for gaming?

Yes, wireless headphones are suitable for gaming as long as they support wireless networks. Bluetooth headphones suffer from latency issues. Even though I have a set of Bluetooth 5 headphones, they are useless. As a result, they are unsuitable for competitive or even casual gaming.

What is Bluetooth aptX and how does it work?

aptX is a tried-and-true technique that compresses and then decompresses audio as it travels from a source device, such as a phone, to a receiving device, such as a wireless speaker, allowing it to be broadcast over Bluetooth without sacrificing quality. This guarantees that you make the most of your audio.

Can I use wireless headphones for both watching TV and gaming?

Wireless headphones have evolved into a versatile accessory for modern entertainment fans. The good news is that they can serve a dual purpose, improving both your TV viewing and gaming experiences. Here’s how it’s done:

Immersive TV Watching: Wireless headphones offer a convenient way to watch your favorite shows and movies without disturbing others. The audio quality is excellent, allowing you to hear every whisper and explosion without missing a beat. Simply connect your wireless headphones to your TV via Bluetooth or a compatible wireless transmitter, and you’re ready to binge-watch without interruption.

Lag-Free Gaming: Gamers understand that split-second reactions can make or break a game. Wireless gaming headphones have evolved to have low latency, ensuring that the sound matches the on-screen action perfectly. This means you can hear enemy footsteps, gunfire, and in-game dialogue with pinpoint accuracy, giving you an advantage.

Customizable Audio: Many wireless headphones include audio settings and equalization options that can be changed. This means you can customize the sound profile to your liking, whether you’re watching a drama series or playing an action game. You can optimize your experience for each activity by adjusting the bass, treble, and other audio parameters.

Comfort and convenience: Wireless headphones are made to be worn for extended periods of time. They have memory foam padding, adjustable headbands, and lightweight designs, making them ideal for long gaming sessions or movie marathons. Furthermore, there are no tangled cords to contend with, allowing you to move around freely.

Multi-Device Compatibility: Many wireless headphones allow you to connect to multiple devices at the same time. This means you can switch between your TV and gaming console without having to constantly re-pair your headphones. It’s a convenient way to enjoy both types of entertainment.

Battery Life: Battery life is essential, especially for long gaming or movie sessions. Fortunately, wireless headphones have long-lasting batteries that can withstand several hours of use. Some models even have quick charging capabilities to get you back in the game faster.

In conclusion, wireless headphones are an excellent choice for combining your TV viewing and gaming experiences. Their adaptability, sound quality, and convenience make them an invaluable addition to your entertainment setup, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in both worlds.

Best Wireless Headphones For Watching Tv and Gaming