Best Wireless Kids Headphones Safe For The Toddlers

Children aged 12 to 36 months are considered toddlers when they have recently learned to walk or are still taking small, quick steps unsteadily; the term comes from the verb “toddle,” which means to walk.

Despite wireless technology revolutionizing the headphones world, children are not left behind. Having a pair of comfortable, secure, and fashionable headphones is essential for kids who listen to music and watch TV shows on their phones and tablets.

Children’s headphones play an important role in keeping their hearing healthy. If you select the wrong ones, they could suffer lifelong hearing damage.

It is advised that children under the age of three should not wear corded headphones unsupervised, as they pose a strangulation risk.

Wireless headphones are a solution for this, but they are more expensive and require regular battery charging. They are worth thinking about.

Unlike regular headphones, kid’s headphones have safety features that protect your child’s ears. These headphones play an important role in keeping your child occupied so that you can have some free time.

To explore more on the best wireless kid headphones safe for toddlers, here is a comprehensive review of 6 best headphones

6 Best Wireless Kids Headphones Safe For The Toddlers in 2022

Pro Sound Labs Kids Headphone

Pro Sound Labs Kids Headphone

When shopping for children’s headphones, look for ones that will protect your child’s ears and prevent noise-induced hearing loss.

The Pro Sounds Labs kids headphones are ideal for the job because they limit harmful noise levels above 85 decibels.

The headphones have an adjustable headband that fits heads of various sizes, and the Daisy Chain technology that comes with these headphones caters for the need to play from a single audio device.

With the maximum comfort given by pro Because of the plush vegan soft leather on the headband and ear cups, kids will want to use these headphones at all hours.

The headphone battery life is 22 hours and 260 hours standby, so you can expect long hours of nonstop entertainment.

By switching to wired mode, audio cable ensures that your children’s entertainment is not interrupted due to a power outage.

Product features

  •       Brand Puro Sound Lab
  •       Ear Placement  on ear
  •       Connectivity               wireless/wired
  •       Form factor      on ear


  •       Foldable and compatible design
  •       Unable in both wired and wireless modes
  •       85db volume limiter
  •       One warranty
  •       Great sound quality
  •       Comfortable on the child’s head
  •       Long battery life
  •       Daisy chain technology
  •       Suitable for travel


  •       Not compatible with all devices
  •       Bluetooth disconnecting frequently

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Iclever  Kids Headphones

Iclever Kids Headphones

When it comes to distraction, kids are well known; when using headphones, it is likely that they will not treat them with respect, and they can destroy a pair in ten seconds.

With iclever kids headphones, you don’t have to worry about any of this.

The headbands are well-designed to be twisted, grabbed, and stretched, and they do an excellent job of flexing back into shape every time.

When it comes to storage, the headphones fold easily for storage, and despite their toughness, they are gentle on the ears.

Aside from the 40mm drivers that deliver full immersive sound, the iclever kids headphones also have a set of LED lights that run around the edges of the earpieces for an awesome stylish look.

Memory form ear cushions, soft and breathable material, and memory form ear cushions enhance the listening experience for children.

They are adjustable to fit the size of your head and are comfortable enough for watching movies or driving a long distance.

You can’t expect miracles in terms of sound quality for less than £15, but the iClever Kids are better than you might expect.

There’s some bass, but it’s neither mushy nor too strident, and you can make out individual instruments or sound effects. They also come in a variety of colors, so there’s a pair for every kid out there.

Product features

  •       Brand iclever
  •       Ear Placement  on ear
  •       Connectivity    wireless
  •       Form factor   on ear
  •       Model name    BTHO3


  •       Very good sound for the price
  •       Very affordable
  •       Low maximum volume to protect youn ears


  •       None

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  1. Jlab Jbuddies Studion Wireless

Jlab Jbuddies Studion Wireless

Jlab Jbuddies headphones are designed for younger ears, with a safe maximum volume and adjustable comfort.

The connection is wireless and can connect to any Bluetooth device, and controls for playing and pausing tracks or taking phone calls are located on the ear-cup.

The battery provides up to 13 hours of playback and includes a spoken app alert to notify you when you are connected or the battery is low.

The Bluetooth range is excellent—better than many adult pairs.

JBuddies provide all-day comfort for people of all ages, with an on-ear design, comfortable Eco leather cushions, and padded headbands that will become their favorite wearable accessory.

Product features

  • Connectivity Wireless
  • Noise control sound isolation
  • Item weight 6.8 Ounces
  • Cable features without cable
  • Ear placement on ear
  • Brand JLab


  • Have good battery life
  • Pocket friendly
  • Have good sound quality  with rich bass depth
  • Can be used without wires


  • It’s possible to raise volume with volume limiter
  • The build quality feels a bit cheap

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  1. Piro Quite

Piro Quite

Puro quiet headphones are the ones to get if you’re looking for an affordable headset for a younger listener because they’re designed for smaller heads but perform like they’re made for bigger ones.

The ANC switch included with the headphones mutes the world so that kids can listen clearly in noisy environments without having to raise the volume above safe sound listening levels.

They reduce daily noise background by up to 22 decibels and are complemented by 78 percent noise isolation.

Many organizations recommend a safe listening volume of 85dB for children. The wireless technology of the headphones, which incorporates one-touch Bluetooth connection with iPhone, Android, and other compatible devices, enables hands-free listening.

Furthermore, the 30 foot range allows for free movement while listening to or playing music within the range, removing the risk of entanglement in audio cables.

The microphone embedded inside the device is great for online learning.

The headphones have a non-ANC playtime of up to 35 hours (23 hours with ANC) and a standby time of 200 hours.

  Product features

  • Special features noise canceling
  • Ear placement on ear
  • Connectivity wireless/wired
  • Odel mode studio
  • Headphone jacks 3.5 mm jack
  • Item weight 0.37 pounds


  • Low price
  • Decent sound quality
  • Removable cable
  • Bluetooth 4 support
  • Good ANC


  •  Battery somewhat small
  •  Uses micro USB to charge

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  1. Puro Junior Jams

Pro Sound Labs Kids Headphone 1

Puro junior jams wireless on-ear headphones are designed for children and work with or without a wire to deliver rich bass and crisp highs at a safe volume level.

They are available in a variety of colors and have a maximum volume of 95dB to protect the listener’s hearing.

When it comes to comfort, the headband and caps are made of soft materials. They can also be expanded to accommodate larger heads.

However, because of their on-ear fit, they clamp heavily on the top of the ears. When worn for an extended period of time, they do not provide a comfortable fit, but they are less tiring if your child has a smaller head.

The headphones have reasonable controls, including a multifunction button that controls play/pause when pressed once, skips to the next song with two presses, and skips to the previous song with three presses. 

The headphones may also be used to make and receive phone calls.

While on a call, you can control the volume and mute the microphone by pressing the volume down button twice.

The headphones have an excellent battery life, with over 19 hours of continuous battery life and nearly three hours of charge time.

They have an out-of-battery timer that turns off after 10 minutes without a connection or when the battery falls below 5%.

Product features

  •       Brand Pro sound Lab
  •       Ear Placement  on ear
  •       Connectivity    Wireless/Wired
  •       Form factor      on ear
  •       Model Mode     Studio


  •    Excellent battery performance
  •   95dB volume limiter allows children to listen to audio at safe levels


  •      On-ear fit may not be comfortable for all wearers
  •      Unstable fit

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  1. JBL JR 460 NC Headphones

JBL JR 460 NC Headphones

Quality sound knows no age. Whether on the go or at home, JBL JR40 headphones provide safe sound, are fine-tuned for kids’ ears and heads, and have a maximum volume set under 85dB, allowing them to enjoy quality sound. They are comfortable and simple to use, even for small children.

With the built-in microphone, the kids will be able to stay connected to the outside world, allowing them to easily chat with friends and family during downtime or teachers while they are busy learning.

With up to 20 hours of battery life and (30 hours with ANC turned off), you’ll have enough fun for a week, and recharging takes only two hours.

Furthermore, the ANC (Noise canceling technology) that comes with the headphones allows you to block out all noise and destruction from your surroundings, allowing your children to stay focused whether they are listening to music, watching their favorite show, or learning online.

The headphones are available in white, gray, and orange. For comfort, the JR 460 NC features circumaural ear cups with generously cushioned ear pads.

The underside of the headband is also well padded, and the fit should be secure and comfortable even after long periods of listening.

The right ear cup side panel contains power and pairing buttons, as well as a multifunction button that controls playback, track navigation, and call management.

 Product features

  • Cables features they are detachable
  • Connectivity Wireless
  • Item weight 200grams
  • Model mode JBL JR 460 NC
  • Noise control Active Noise cancellation
  • Ear placement Over Ear
  • Headphones Jack USB 3.5mm


  •         Bass-forward audio performance
  •         Volume limited to 85Db
  •         Comfortable and easy to use
  •         Good battery life


  •         Unimpressive noise cancellation


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Due to the growth and development of nerve fibers and other cells, children’s ears are more sensitive to noise damage. The eardrum is also closer to the sound source due to their smaller external auditory canals.

Before purchasing kindly go through the editor’s reviews, pro and cons of different headphones hoping that it will assist you in getting the best headphones and once that will be safe for your kids.

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Are wireless headphones safe for toddlers?

When it comes to ensuring toddler safety while using wireless kids headphones, several factors must be considered in order to make an informed decision.

Wireless kids headphones, which are specifically designed for children, have grown in popularity in recent years. They provide toddlers with a convenient and enjoyable way to interact with educational content, music, or videos without disturbing others. However, their safety is dependent on a number of factors, including:

Volume Limiting: The majority of reputable wireless kids headphones include volume limiting features. These features limit the maximum volume to safe levels, protecting your child’s sensitive ears from hearing damage. Look for headphones that follow the sound level guidelines for children.

Comfort and Fit: Make sure your toddler’s headphones are comfortable and properly fit on his or her head. Ill-fitting headphones can cause discomfort and encourage toddlers to fiddle with them, which can pose a strangulation risk if the cords are long.

Durability: Choose headphones that are built to last, as toddlers can be rough on their belongings. Strong materials and reinforced cables can help to prevent accidents and extend the life of a product.

Wireless Technology: Wireless headphones eliminate the risk of tangling cords, which can be dangerous for active toddlers. For this reason, Bluetooth headphones are a popular option.

Age-Appropriate Design: Look for headphones that are specifically designed for your child’s age group. To ensure a snug and safe fit, younger toddlers may require headphones made of softer materials and in a smaller size.

Supervision: It’s critical to keep an eye on your child while they’re wearing headphones, especially if they’re young. Check that they are using the headphones correctly and not at a high volume for an extended period of time.

Breaks and Time Limits: Encourage your child to take breaks from wearing headphones to protect his or her hearing and to promote other activities such as physical play and interaction.

Parental Controls: Some wireless headphones include parental control apps that enable you to monitor and control your child’s audio experience, such as volume levels and content access.

Read reviews and seek recommendations from other parents before making a purchase to determine the safety and quality of specific wireless kids headphones.

To summarize, wireless kids headphones can be safe for toddlers if they are carefully chosen and used responsibly. Consider headphones with volume controls, a comfortable fit, and a long lifespan. Remember that parental supervision and the establishment of reasonable usage guidelines are critical in ensuring your child’s safety while listening to audio content.

Are 2 year old headphones safe?

For babies and toddlers, any listening device that is inserted into the ear canal (ear buds) should be avoided as this can harm their ear health; instead, choose between on-ear or over-ear headphones. Whatever you decide, make certain that the ear cups fit your child’s ears.

 Can a 3year old wear headphones?

As there is no research on how young is too young for headphones, it may be safe for children to use headphones depending on the combination of volume, which according to the World Health Organization should be at 85dB.

What age can toddlers use headphones?

Most babies can use these from the age of one year, and they may be the ideal pair of headphones for your child’s first wear. Although the main thing parents look for in headphones isn’t how cute they are, it’s worth noting that these are adorable!

Is Bluetooth radiation harmful to babies?

There is currently no conclusive evidence that the radiation emitted by laptops, tablets, phones, or WiFi is harmful to infants or young children. More research is required in this area. Radio waves, a low-level form of radiation, are used by laptops, phones, and tablets to transmit data.

Is it safe to put headphones on a baby?

In general, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends limiting your child’s exposure to loud sounds in their environment, such as those from parties, concerts, and sporting events. They recommend using earmuffs and ear plugs in addition to active noise canceling headphones to block out sounds.