5 Best IPX 7-8 Headphones for Showering

Headphones that are sweatproof, dustproof, water resistant, and even waterproof enough to wear in the shower are becoming increasingly popular among tech companies.

Many companies have developed water-resistant devices that can be used in the shower in recent years, making music playback relatively simple.

A shower, on the other hand, is a device that sprays water through extremely small holes while you stand underneath to wash yourself. The water will either fall directly on your face or fall vertically on your head, depending on the direction of the showerhead.

Before continuing, make sure you understand the phrase “Ipx4 to IPX8”

With the advancement of technology, manufacturers are adopting sweat- and water-resistant materials, allowing users to use headphones while exercising and running. Water resistance levels for headphones are IPX1, IPX2, IPX3, and IPX4, while IPX5,IPX6,IPX7 and IPX8 are water proof levels for headphones.

Any IPX4-rated headphones are resistant to water falling vertically on them.

We will evaluate the top 5 shower ear buds as part of this analysis to assist you in locating the best shower ear buds. This is because you prefer to listen to music in the shower through ear buds rather than speakers.

5 Best Ipx 7-8 Headphones for Showering

Headphone ModelIPX RatingFeaturesBattery LifeRating
1. Jabra Elite Active 75 TIPX7In Ear/Wireless8 Hours9/10
2. TOZO T10 Bluetooth 5.0 WirelessIPX8In Ear/Wireless6 Hours9/10
3. Jaybird Vista 2IPX68In Ear/Wireless6Hours9/10
4. JBL Reflect Mini NCIPX7In Ear/Wireless7 Hours8/10
5. Sanso Bluetooth HeadphonesIPX 7In Ear/Wireless8 Hours7/10

1. Jabra Elite Active 75 T

Jabra Elite Active 75T T 1

With a comfortable fit that is neither too tight nor loose, they fit comfortably in the outer ear canal. Moreover, IPX7 certified protection ensures that they stay in place during jogging due to their resistance to sweat and water. Because of this, they are suitable for showering.

Audio quality

You can concentrate on the music while tuning out the external world with the crisp, dynamic sound.

The Jabra ear buds boast four integrated microphones, cutting-edge digital signal processing, and groundbreaking beam form technology to provide excellent call quality wherever you are.

Life of the Battery

As well as offering a 24-hour battery life, they also allow you to listen to music and accept calls while connected. You can tailor your sound profile to your personal hearing profile using the Jabra Sound and app, which uses cutting-edge technology to assess your hearing.

If you need to charge your headset, Jabra provides a pocket-sized charging case that allows you to carry it with you wherever you go and charge it whenever you need to.

Cancellation of Active Noise (ANC)

The Jabra Elite 75 has cutting-edge technology that allows you to block out the outside world and listen to music without being distracted by your surroundings.

If you use Active ANC, you are completely covered.

Products Features

  • Brand                   Jabra
  • Speaker size          12mm
  • Microphone          6-microphones
  • Bluetooth              5.1
  • Durability             Rain Resistant IPX4


  • Hear through mode allows you to adjust ambient sound
  • Has an IP57 rating, which means it is perspiration proof and water resistant even when jogging in inclement weather.
  • Hear through ineffective in high wing
  • A 7.5-hour batter life allows users to work out for an extended length of time


  • In windy conditions, the earphones are ineffective in producing quality sound

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2. TOZO T10 Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless

Tozo T10 Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless 1

Despite their small size and lightweight design, IPX8 certification indicates that they are waterproof wireless and can withstand immersion in water up to 1 meter deep. Due to this they can be used in showers.  

Bluetooth 5 enables the TOZO T 10 to establish wireless connections, which support HFP, A2DP, AVRCP, and HDP. You only need to pair your phone once because stereo sound is included in your calls.

Moreover, Bluetooth 5 technology automatically pairs your earbuds once you remove them from the charging case. After you’ve completed the basic setup and linked them for the first time, you’ll need to do this.

It is comfortable to wear the headphones because of their ergonomic design. Using the ear buds will not cause ear irritation because the silicone ear tips are flexible.

In order to ensure a comfortable listening experience, they must be properly placed since they are significantly more spacious than air pods. There are five different colors available for the ear buds: black, blue, gray, white, and khaki

Products Features

  • Brand:                  TOZO
  • Ear Placement      In ear
  • Connectivity                    Wireless
  • Bluetooth              5.0
  • Durability             Rain Resistant IPX8


  • comfortable and lightweight
  • Accurate fit
  • Durable
  • Waterproof and sweat proof
  • Excellent sound


  • No touch controls

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3. Jaybird Vista 2

Jaybird Vista 1

The Jaybird Vista’s numerous features make it ideal for use while bathing. Because the headset has an IPX68 rating, you can be confident that your device will be safe even if you take a shower. This means it can withstand up to 68 PSI of water pressure.

Thanks to a number of cutting-edge features, the Jaybird Vista earphone is ideal for workouts and the shower.

They are small and have wing tips to keep the ear buds in place. Whether you’re trail jogging, road cycling, or weight training at your local club, or simply taking a shower.

The pair will stay comfortably in your ears no matter how much you move or sweat. There are also three sizes of replaceable ear tips.

The noise canceling, water and dust resistant earbuds allow you to exercise without being distracted by outside noises, though you can do so if you prefer.

It has an eight-hour battery life and can be charged twice from the case for a total of 24 hours.

Product Features

  • Brand                             Jaybird
  • Connectivity                   Wireless
  • Durability             full waterproof,crushproof,dropproof

Sweatproof IPX7


  • The burds are secure and well-fitting.
  • The audio quality is quite nice.
  • Water and dust proof to the extreme.
  • The user has the option to use earbuds independently.
  • Comes with standard USB-C port for the charging case
  • Six hours of battery life plus ten additional hours from the case.


  • Low overall volume.
  • Lag while watching videos.

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4. JBL Reflect Mini NC

JBL Reflect Mini NC

The JBL Reflect is designed with several features that make them a very practical option for ear buds to use while exercising, showering, and doing other activities. The ear buds have an IPX7 rating, which means they can withstand heavy rain and will work if submerged in water.

The ear buds have an ear fin stabilizer that keeps them securely in place on your ears, allowing you to work out or take a shower without worry.

Although the stabilizer keeps the ear buds from moving, prolonged use may cause discomfort.

JBL speakers produce a powerful, dynamic sound. Fortunately, the app allows you to reduce the amplitude of the bass.

When fully charged, the JBL battery life can last up to 7 hours. This will allow you to exercise for one or more sessions. The charging case supports quick and wireless Qi charging and has a capacity of two charges.

Noise cancellation technology is built into the earbuds (ANC). Even if it isn’t very functional, the software allows for extensive customization, including controllers, assistants (such as Google Assistant), and EQ.

Product Features

  • Brand         JBL
  • Ear Placement      In ear
  • Connectivity         Wireless
  • Model Name         JBL REFLECTMINI NC


  • Active Noise cancellation
  • Compact charging case
  • Comprehensive water resistance
  • Secure fit


  • Uncomfortable over long period of time

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5. Sanso Bluetooth Headphones

Sanso Bluetooth Headphones 1

Due to creative ideas that have incorporated technology into practically every part of our lives, the headphones sector has prospered recently.

 With the headphones that were available a few years ago, you couldn’t comfortably go on a hike, swim, take a shower, or run. The mobility of the sensoactive buds has been drastically decreased.

The headphones may be used for jogging or exercise because of their sturdy ear-hook construction and small, portable size.

The headphones are small and light, with features like IPX7 water resistance, making them waterproof and suitable for showering.

Senso Bluetooth headphones are well known for their excellent quality, which makes them a wise option for individuals on a low budget.

They provide high-quality Hi-Fi sound because of their frequency range of 10-22kHz, which is higher than other ear buds on the market.

 Not to mention that all wireless headphones connections are flawless and reliable thanks to the 4.1 Bluetooth technologies.

When choosing ear buds, comfort is a crucial aspect to take into account. Senso active buds are comfortable because of their durable and plush materials.

Their ergonomic design is also very critical in ensuring that the ear buds work correctly without irritating the user.

Three silicone ear tips in three different sizes are included with the ear buds. As a result, the listener may choose the size that is most comfortable for them without compromising their ability to listen to music without experiencing any ear fatigue.

Product Features

  • Type                      wireless in-ear
  • Connection           bluetooth 4.1
  • Back design          closed back
  • Frequency range   20-22.000HZ
  • Weight                  0.74z(21)grams
  • Water resistant      IPX7
  • Battery life            8h


  • A customizable fit with movable wings
  • Almost 10 hours of usable battery life
  • Satisfying substantial bass response


  • Slightly heavy on the ears
  • A muddy sound that lacks definition
  • Little to differentiate form rivals

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Can I wear water-resistant headphones in the shower?

The vast majority of waterproof headphones on the market are in-ear models. Although there are water-resistant headphones on the market, they should not be used in the shower or pool.

Is it possible to use an IPX8 speaker while showering?

An IPX8 waterproof speaker can frequently be used in the shower without harm. One thing to keep in mind is that a device does not have to be impervious to water jets or splashes to be IPX7 or IPX8 waterproof.


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